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Environmental Performance Management for Buildings

SAGE® is an innovative tool that optimizes the environmental performance of your existing building portfolio, lowering operating costs and maintaining green building certifications.

SAGE® is a complete management and compliance tool for the validation of operational performance and certification with green building or performance rating systems.

Unlike one-time ‘scorecard’ approaches, the feature-rich project management and reporting system of SAGE® tracks building performance to protect your investment in efficiency measures and certification. SAGE® delivers accountability for your building’s operations and useful enabling tools for management and operations staff.

Green Building Certification

Green buildings must meet specific performance criteria and be operated in a manner that satisfies the program requirements on a continuous basis once Performance Periods are established. Most often, buildings will require a series of efficiency upgrades in order meet prerequisite performance.

This process is often structured to incorporate low cost improvements first, moving to subsequently higher cost improvements as each measure’s outcome is measured and verified. SAGE® transforms this extensive process to meet the required performance criteria in a simple, yet robust system that tracks performance metrics and action plans.

SAGE® organizes areas of improvement to create prioritized action plans of measures to ensure your buildings meet their certification requirements and avoid costly delays. SAGE® facilitates the key information to show you the fastest and most cost effective route to improved building operations, even if you're not planning to certify.

Maintaining Performance & Certification
Green certifications for existing buildings require re-certification every three or five years. Consequently, performance must be continuously tracked after the initial certification is awarded to ensure building operations and performance continue to meet certification requirements. SAGE® allows building owners to self-manage their recertification cycles.

Content Management
SAGE® provides a centralized location for critical building information to provide you with the information you want, when you need it: O&M documentation, utility and metering data, greenhouse gas compliance reports, project management, action plans, and green building certification. With its powerful reporting system, you can generate up-to-the-minute status reports making SAGE® a powerful tool to help meet growing compliance and accountability requirements.

Tenant Engagement

Tenant behavior is a key component of a building’s overall performance. SAGE® provides tools to connect tenants with the greening process to ensure their performance meets the caliber of the building’s certification requirements. SAGE® offers tools to source the information you need from your tenants and suppliers along with automatic scheduling and reporting to ensure your tenant engagement requirements are managed in a concerted manner.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Module
Our GHG Module is designed to meet the requirements of WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064 by ensuring accepted GHG accounting and reporting principles for data collection and information quality management are embedded in its structure. SAGE® provides streamlined portfolio-wide reporting while guaranteeing your inventories are of superior quality with a clear bridge to your actual energy usage. We can also provide third party verification guidance with our own in-house certified GHG professional.

At the core of SAGE® is a robust reporting system that clearly communicates information from each management & tracking modules giving detailed or summary insight into your building’s operations and performance. SAGE® sets specific access rights and reports so information is viewed by only those that need it. SAGE® reports include:

  • Team Action Plans – collect items from each of the Action Plans from the
    various modules while detailing outstanding and completed tasks for key team

  • Utilities & Metering Data – add clarity and understanding to your
    environmental performance while detecting problems when compared to
    baselines or normal operating patterns.

  • Energy & Water Savings Summary – energy and water savings and costs with comparatives period-by-period.

  • Green Building Certification Status – detailed or summary reports of
    prerequisites and credits provides a clear picture of progress toward achieving
    each aspect of your certification while also compiling the documentary audit
    requirements for ensuring and maintaining your certification.

  • Green Building Workshop – detailed report of the proceedings of the Green Operations Workshop (part of Arborus’ program delivery), identifying
    attendees, approaches to address prerequisites and credits, Action Plans and a
    credit targeting summary.

  • Greenhouse Gas Management Reports – report on current or past emissions by period, operational boundary, or system component to show reductions in CO2 equivalent emissions from baseline in compliance with GHG accounting and reporting principles to meet WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

  • Projects Summary– provide clear summary reports on projects in progress,
    project status, O&M requirements, team members and their contact info.

  • Tenant Engagement – View tenant involvement in green building policies and practices.

    With simple to use, up-to-the-minute, professionally formatted reports generated, SAGE® reporting saves time and adds business value by collecting information from all areas of building operations, construction projects, action plans and performance metrics and present them in a clearly communicable format.

    Secure Access
    SAGE® offers the ability for multi-user access rights managed for both in-house and third-party service providers. All information stored within SAGE® is backed up automatically and stored off-site in a secure server with encrypted transmission. SAGE® is a web-accessed application and is therefore platform agnostic allowing both PC and mac users to work seamlessly together. All information contained within SAGE® is also program independent.

    Mobility with SAGE®

    With the Web 2.0 approach of SAGE®, you can now manage your buildings and access your information from mobile devices including iPhones and iPads while automatically syncing them to the central content management system of SAGE®.

    Green buildings save energy, reduce waste, and are more comfortable, healthy
    places to work. Create your portfolio in SAGE® Portfolio Manager to get started on the greening of your buildings and reducing their operational costs.